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Surgical Weight Loss Specialists

Welcome to the Surgical Weight Loss Specialists, a center committed to providing patients the latest in surgical techniques for weight loss surgery. Surgical Weight Loss Specialists strives to ensure that each patient is fully prepared to begin his or her path towards improved health and vitality. The center provides high quality referrals to a surgeon that offers an individualized approach for weight loss surgery patients.

Why Choose Us

Life before surgery

Weight loss surgery requires a thorough preparation before the surgery. Your surgeon and staff will help you meet all the necessary requirements for surgery.

Are you a candidate? – Your surgeon will gather all the necessary information to determine whether you are a candidate for bariatric surgery and help provide direction on what is the best approach for your specific needs.

You will receive information regarding the benefits and risks of surgery, dietary habits to be followed before and after surgery and to avoid certain habits such as smoking. You will be provided with the best tools to help you succeed following surgery.

Medical evaluation - You may be required to obtain some diagnostic testing that will identify any abnormalities the surgeon needs to be aware of prior to surgery. If any are identified, then necessary medications or other medical treatment may be prescribed. Prior to surgery we may advise you to stop certain medications or start treatments for your conditions.

Financial support - We help you in identifying your insurance benefits and obtaining insurance approvals for surgery. We also offer competitive prices for those with no insurance coverage.

Life after surgery

Diet - Following the surgery you will be strictly advised to follow our dietary plan so as to achieve better outcomes. Nutritional guidelines will be provided that help you maximize your weight loss during certain periods following surgery. Our dietician is available for counseling and follow up.

Back to work - Your time to resume work will vary based on the type of surgery you have. Your surgeon will provide specific advice when you can return to work. You may be advised to follow certain practices that may help you return to work early.

Birth control and pregnancy - It is strictly advised for women of child bearing potential to use the most effective forms of birth control for the first 18-24 months after surgery. Pregnancy within the specified time may cause serious complications in women or may cause fetal damage.

Long-term follow up - Consistent and long-term follow up is essential for better outcomes and to maximize weight loss. During follow-up visits you will be assessed for recovery, nutritional status, and certain laboratory tests to ensure no complications are present. You may be advised to take or cut out certain medications during your weight loss period. We have Physician Assistants that you will mostly follow up with but you may follow up with your surgeon upon request.

Support group - Support group provides an opportunity to address personal and professional issues associated with rapid weight loss. These groups help you in resolving emotional well-being and talking with others that are experiencing similar life changes. Support groups are a good way to find friends that can be a support to you in your weight loss journey. It also gives you the opportunity to provide similar support to others.

Ambulatory Health Care Facilities

Our facility consists of the following:

  • 1 Operating Room
  • 4 Recovery Areas
  • 1 Patient Private Room for 23 hour stays
  • Family waiting area with TV, WiFi and Snacks


  • American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery
  • Bariatric Medicine Institute

Surgical Weight Loss Specialists

1046 E. 100 S, Suite D
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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Surgical Weight Loss Specialists